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Senior Home Solutions is a building company based in Birmingham, in the West Midlands in the UK. We specialise in working with people living dementia and other age-related challenges in adapting their homes. We consider the recommendations of Occupational Therapists and other support agencies a person may have in place. We re-model and install bathrooms to meet our clients current and future requirements featuring mobility equipment designed to British Standard Specifications. We are a 'Dementia Friendly' company, certified by the 'I Am Care Aware' organisation and regularly seek advice from the Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester. We are not, and never will be, just another building company.


We adapt people's homes to suit their lives now, and into the future. People are constantly being told to change their behaviour to prolong their lives. What we do is change homes giving them a longer useful lifespan for our client. Sometimes our work will entail the addition of several bathroom grab rails, or a raised toilet plinth. These very simple alterations can offer a boon to independence. Our clients may no longer need call on the assistance of their partners or children to help them to get in or out of a bath, for example.

In some instances, our work begins by simply talking about a small bathroom modification, but often broadens into discussions about access to the property... Widening and smoothing paths and adding external handrails, and for people with dementia, signposting within the home.

Our work always begins with a discussion. When we meet the client, often a family member will be present, and together we will assess what is required, often based on additional input provided by health professionals. We understand the pride and the pushback against visible indicators of the perception of ill-health. We are sensitive to that. We look for suitable ISO standard products that look amazing and can enhance a home.


A current client, who lives in a well-known retirement village, was utilizing a plastic seat to raise the height of the toilet, a far from ideal solution. This lady had sought help from the management of the retirement community, but over quite a lengthy period of time, the situation had remained unresolved. Senior Home Solutions' Steve met with the person and her daughter and together agreed to replace the toilet with a taller item. The client is a very tall woman! And her comfort and confidence in getting on and off the toilet was paramount. We examine several potential resolutions, with the client, before acting. We take a holistic approach to the clients' needs.

That's not to say we don't do the mucky work too! The bathroom was modern, it was a wet room, but it wasn't tailored to the unique needs of an ageing, and very tall person.

In other instances, we have taken measurements of our clients, and found that by simply installing attractive, contemporary grab rails that meet or exceed ISO standards we have found a solution to their immediate requirements.
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Sometimes it's going to take more than grab rails When we meet with a client and generally give a verbal overview of some of the options available. The client is sometimes a family member and not the principal person requiring the home adaptation. Our approach is to offer choices. In some instances the people we meet haven't been aware of the options available to them to adapt their home to their needs. With more complex tasks we tend to produce a comprehensive report.

Good To Know

We can source a variety of grab rails to suit the requirements of the people we work with. Currently we are working with RailsDIrect, a relatively young British company based in Wales. You can read more about them in the innovations section of this website here »»


    Where required, our Client Construction Report contains the following:
  1. We cost and source the materials required - and we will always try to look at a variety of options to meet the clients' needs, within their budget. Safety, and quality are foremost. We look at a variety of manufacturers and distributors to source the most enduring materials. And because we can secure a discount from the supplier, we share those savings with the client. Adapting a home isn't done well when done cheaply. That's why we provide options. And we are always looking for new suppliers and distributors, new innovators to help get the job done. In some instances, if we are adding grab rails, we have a selection to hand, to help the client to get a feel for that. We have several grab rails and drop down rails to use for demonstrations.
  2. These days many people are so internet savvy, we can share links with them, or we'll take an iPad to the site and show images of new products that are available, or some recently completed jobs requiring similar equipment. This helps inform the client in so many ways. Adapting a home is a long term investment, and we want our clients to see the quality of the products we provide.We make no bones about the quality and innovation of German companies like Hewi, they are excellent.
  3. Once this collaborative decision making is complete. We provide an itemised schedule for the client which includes all equipment costs and installation costs.
  4. Some equipment and services are currently exempt from VAT if we can provide evidence that they are required on medical or health grounds.
  5. We project manage the work from start to finish, scheduling the various trades as they are needed on site. Over the years we have built great relationships with tradesmen who are empathetic to our ethos these are the people we work with time and time again.

Good To Know

In some instances, some items of equipment and their installation costs can be VAT free. If you'd like to find out more ask us for more information or follow the link to visit this UK government website »»
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sensitive trained workers


Once a project start date has been established, we accommodate the schedule of an older person. If our client has difficulty in getting out of bed in the morning, in no way do we want them to feel flustered or rushed because building workers are going to be at their home. Our workers are all trained as Dementia Friends and receive training through I AM CARE AWARE.

Our workday then, might start at 10am, and we'll schedule our lunch breaks to match theirs. We'll leave the site early too if needs be. Out of courtesy, we will contact the neighbours, especially in an apartment building, we have contacted neighours above and below and to either side. (Sensitive worker adjacent)

Good To Know

The way we look at it is, "Your parents are my parents." And we treat people with the respect we'd want for our own families.

Please contact us to talk about your project. We'll be happy to hear from you.


Email is optional but we require an email address or a phone number to respond

Phone number is optional but we require an email address or a phone number to respond


Senior Home Solutions
35 Tennel Road
Harborne, Birmingham B32 2JD
telephone: 07889 134711


Steve Michael is very committed to making the world a better place to be for people living with dementia

"Steve has sought advice from us at the Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester, on how small adaptations to people own homes can make a big difference to the way their quality of life and the way they experience the world. Ensuring people with dementia can continue to live full and autonomous lives is key to living well"
Teresa Atkinson
Senior Research Fellow, Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester

Senior Home Solutions are unique in enabling people to live well in their own homes

"My course teaches that with the right level of support people can live very well with dementia and other age-related challenges. Steve and Senior Home Solutions are unique in their experience and in their ability to provide the type of innovative interior design solutions that enable people to maintain their independence in their own homes."
Colette Sunner
Educator and Dementia Awareness Advocate

Senior Home Solutions work is invaluable for people living with dementia

"The interior design work that Steve and his team at Senior Home Solutions undertake has proven invaluable for individuals who are striving to live well with dementia and other age-related challenges. It's Steve's empathetic and detailed approach that makes the difference."
Dr. Richard Bennett,
Director and Principal Clinical Psychologist, Think Psychology

Senior Home Solutions Work is exemplary

"I have to say the service and quality of work carried out by Mr Steve Michael of is exemplary, especially since all the changes needed had to be agreed remotely then completed before my move from Scotland to Birmingham to ensure my new ensuite bathroom was accessible for me from day one. Steve made the whole thing a pleasure and kept me informed by calling and sending me photographs showing the progress made. When I arrived he even was able to make a couple of small last minute changes that I had omitted. All in all a faultless experience. In case there is any doubt, I am a now a fan and have absolutely no reservations in recommending Mr Steve Michael and his company to arrange and complete any project.."
Kevin Shields,
Client, 2022
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Senior Home Solutions have devised the innovative handrail called “Grab A Rail ™” . A simple, but effective solution that can be retro fitted, cost effectively and at speed to new and existing rooms, helping to prevent falls in the most dangerous place in the home: The Kitchen.


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