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Senior Home Solutions has a broad experience in the design and installation of empathetically conceived spaces for people living with dementia. We have trained with and take our cues from the Worcester University Dementia Research Centre. We like to make an immediate difference and that is why we concentrate on adapting and improving homes. As a building and interior installations company, we bring decades of experience in the commercial sector too. We feel confident that a consultation with Senior Home Solutions will offer fresh insight into simple ways in which your commercial property can be improved to meet the additional needs of millions of potential customers who are living with dementia and other age-related challenges.
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We begin with an appraisal of your commercial space, focusing on the needs of your clients and your employees. We look at office, restaurant and shop interiors. We assess foyers, walkways and waiting areas from floor to ceiling and the walls and lighting between. We appraise your bathrooms for high contrast surfaces and ease of accessibility.

Good To Know

Something as simple as replacing the floor mats in the entrance way can have a huge impact on the comfort and safety of your shoppers.


Our current focus on commercial interiors is broadly informed by the Worcester University Dementia Research Centre. There are nearly 1,000,000 people living with dementia in the UK. These people are our parents and grandparents, our brothers and sisters and it doesn't take much to enhance your physical environment to benefit this large community of people. Based on our appraisal, we will make recommendations that can help how your business approaches their business!

Good To Know

Signs are simple and unambiguous signage is a golden. Even we have encountered confusing bathroom signs. Imagine those signs in a context where perhaps you were already very unsure about where to go! Why make things difficult or potentially embarrassing for your customer or restaurant guest?
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We know we can make a difference with simple solutions and we believe that businesses in the UK want to do better in serving a growing population within our communities. Our experience with commercial interiors means we can follow up our recommendations with the installation of enhancements that will improve any commercial setting for potential clients with dementia or other age-related challenges.

Good To Know

Waiting or eating areas with poor acoustic properties can be anathemic for your customers. Managing the acoustics can create a calming and reviving rest area between shopping activities.


Email is optional but we require an email address or a phone number to respond

Phone number is optional but we require an email address or a phone number to respond


Senior Home Solutions
35 Tennel Road
Harborne, Birmingham B32 2JD
telephone: 07889 134711


Steve Michael is very committed to making the world a better place to be for people living with dementia

"Steve has sought advice from us at the Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester, on how small adaptations to people own homes can make a big difference to the way their quality of life and the way they experience the world. Ensuring people with dementia can continue to live full and autonomous lives is key to living well"
Teresa Atkinson
Senior Research Fellow, Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester

Senior Home Solutions are unique in enabling people to live well in their own homes

"My course teaches that with the right level of support people can live very well with dementia and other age-related challenges. Steve and Senior Home Solutions are unique in their experience and in their ability to provide the type of innovative interior design solutions that enable people to maintain their independence in their own homes."
Colette Sunner
Educator and Dementia Awareness Advocate

Senior Home Solutions work is invaluable for people living with dementia

"The interior design work that Steve and his team at Senior Home Solutions undertake has proven invaluable for individuals who are striving to live well with dementia and other age-related challenges. It's Steve's empathetic and detailed approach that makes the difference."
Dr. Richard Bennett,
Director and Principal Clinical Psychologist, Think Psychology

Senior Home Solutions Work is exemplary

"I have to say the service and quality of work carried out by Mr Steve Michael of is exemplary, especially since all the changes needed had to be agreed remotely then completed before my move from Scotland to Birmingham to ensure my new ensuite bathroom was accessible for me from day one. Steve made the whole thing a pleasure and kept me informed by calling and sending me photographs showing the progress made. When I arrived he even was able to make a couple of small last minute changes that I had omitted. All in all a faultless experience. In case there is any doubt, I am a now a fan and have absolutely no reservations in recommending Mr Steve Michael and his company to arrange and complete any project.."
Kevin Shields,
Client, 2022
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Senior Home Solutions have devised the innovative handrail called “Grab A Rail ™” . A simple, but effective solution that can be retro fitted, cost effectively and at speed to new and existing rooms, helping to prevent falls in the most dangerous place in the home: The Kitchen.


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